When I was growing up, we would visit my grandparents every other weekend. My grandfather had an enviable woodshop in which he spent most of his days since retiring from his job as an engineer. He found an interest in Hopi Kachinas, and carved a huge quantity of the detailed wooden figural sculptures over the years.


Perhaps against what would now be considered sensible grandparenting standards, he let me use most of the power tools from an early age. This instilled in me a curiosity and a confidence which has served me well throughout the years. 

Now I am a practicing Architect, and I use the skills instilled in me each and every day. The above is a photo of my kitchen which I renovated by hand over a period of a few years.

I have an appreciation for fine scale detail which is not always exorcised working in architecture. I decided to try and focus this appreciation and attendant energy into Blade and Branch. Jewelry is actually the perfect combination of material experimentation and fine detail. Take a look at what I have put together, and be sure to check back periodically, I am always developing new techniques and pieces.