cusp earrings are handcrafted in walnut wood and feature a single band of plastic inlay. 

Each piece is approximately 1" x 3/8" and is between 1/4" and 3/8" thick. Each pair is unique: Click the Images below for cusp currently available for purchase through my ETSY store.

The process of crafting cusp:

  • Walnut wood is selected, cut to size and roughly sanded.
  • A single precise but shallow groove is cut around four sides of the piece.
  • The longer cuts are made on a customized table saw. The top and bottom grooves are cut by hand with a jewelers saw.
  • Plastic inlay material is applied to the piece to fill the grooves. To finish, the piece is finely sanded to ease sharp edges and sealed with a clear wood sealer.
  • Posts are adhered to each piece.


  • Walnut wood, Plastic inlay, Clear wood sealer, gloss black paint. Post and clutch are hypoallergenic.

 I hand craft each pair of cusp earrings and my other series of wood jewelry in my workshop located in Tucson, Arizona.