rib is handcrafted in genuine Cholla Cactus wood and plastic inlay. 

Each piece varies in size, typically around 2" high and between 5/8" and 1" wide with a thickness of 1/4". Each one is truly unique, the pattern is formed entirely by naturally occurring pores in the Cholla Cactus wood.  Click on the images below for rib currently for purchase through my ETSY store.

You are going to love rib because it is not perfect. It was not made by a computer. The edges are not perfectly square, the material is by its nature bumpy and interesting. 

The process of crafting rib is quite interesting. 
These pieces depend upon finding intact Cholla cactus skeletons in good condition.  
The material for this series was found by myself on an early morning hike through the Sonoran desert. 

  • I inspect the cylindrical Cholla skeleton for the best sections to cut into pendants. 
  • Using a variety of saws and sanders, the skeleton is cut down into blanks. 
  • Plastic inlay material is applied to the piece to fill the natural pores and holes found in the wood. 
  • To finish, the piece is finely sanded to ease sharp edges and sealed with a clear wood sealer.  

Materials: Cholla cactus wood, Plastic inlay, Clear wood sealer. All chains and findings are Hypoallergenic.

I hand craft rib and my other series of wood jewelry in my workshop located in Tucson, Arizona.