Each piece is unique in design and decoration, skew is handcrafted in various species of wood and plastic inlay. Please see the individual product listings for dimensions, materials, and chain lengths.

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The design of each skew is different from beginning to end.

  • I start with a piece of wood which is quite a bit larger than the finished piece will be.
  • I hand sand facets and faces into the piece, letting the grain of the natural wood show in all orientations. 
  • Depending upon the particulars of the piece, I cut shallow grooves with either my customized table saw or a variety of hand saws.
  • Plastic inlay material is applied to the grooves.
  • To finish, the piece is finely sanded to ease sharp edges and sealed with a clear wood sealer.
  • For some pieces, the back of the piece is painted.   

Materials: Natural wood, Plastic inlay, Clear wood sealer, Paint. Chains and findings are hypoallergenic.

I hand craft skew and my other series of wood jewelry in my workshop located in Tucson, Arizona.