A geometrically complex pull for discerning drawers and cabinet doors. fractal is handcrafted in walnut wood and comes with both 1" and 1-1/2" brass machine screws. 

Each piece starts with a consistently shaped wood blank, but each has completely unique faceting and paint. Approximately 1-1/4" x 3/4" and is between approximately 1" thick.  fractal is currently sold out through my ETSY store, please email me at to order.

The process of crafting fractal:

  • Walnut wood is selected, cut into consistently sized blanks with an initial notch to aim the final shape towards ideal ergonomics.
  • I form the individual facets on a stationary belt sander.
  • A brass threaded wood insert is installed for later connection to the cabinet door.
  • The entire piece is finely sanded and painted with 3 coats of semigloss spray enamel paint.
  • Certain facets are sanded a third time to very cleanly remove the paint.
  • The entire piece is coated with a clear satin polyurethane wood sealer

Materials: Walnut wood, Enamel Paint, Clear wood sealer, brass hardware.

Please note that fractal is made of wood and may not stand up to abuse as well as mass market metal drawer and door pulls. If the drawer or door opens against another surface such as a wall or adjacent cabinet, fractal may be damaged.

I hand craft fractal and my other series of wood jewelry in my workshop located in Tucson, Arizona.